Page 188

Date Posted: July 26th, 2018, 2:11 pm

Author Notes

Long author note incoming! So, we finally got to the page where Nidi mentions his gender identity, which is genderfluid. I really wish I could upload the next page too since this is way more casual thing than this page might suggest. It's not meant to be some huge reveal, just a matter of fact to Nidi who's not shy about it. Also an opportunity for him to show off a bit. You bet I'd switch back and forth too if I could. Nidi's attitude about this has a lot of influence from my own experience as a genderqueer person. Also, Nidi will sometimes show up looking feminine for no other reason than he's feeling like it. So please don't think this is some off hand out of the closet page that will never again show up in the comic.

Fun fact: Nidi has worn a garment that's traditionally considered for women in chapter 4. Aurboda wears a very, very similar one in the previous chapter, except her's is pink.


I had noticed his choice of apparel before but it actually took me a moment to realise what he was doing on this page XD
@IronDog: Yeah, it turned out to be less noticeable than what I thought at first. ^^' And yay for catching the clothing choice!