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Date Posted: June 3rd, 2018, 11:05 am

Author Notes

Flashback from 5th chapter continues. :)


Falling for one of your slaves, and wanting for them to be seen as an equal next to you, when your status is so high cannot be easy. I commend Nidi for coming out with such a grave emotional confession such as that, and even more so toward the fact that he opened up about it toward his older brother of all people. I wish Nidi the best of luck in his endeavor, and hopefully there'll be some smooth sailing for him along the way, and Thjalfi won't follow through with the option of running away this time.
@tksocrazy: Ahhh! Thank you so much for the comment. Reading such a thought out comment is wonderful thing as an author.

I'm glad the emotional resonance is getting through the pages! Situation really isn't a simple one, just like you think. While Thjalfi isn't a slave, there are some... complications about his servitude. I do hope I used duty bound right... I tried to find appropriate term in English but I wouldn't be surprised if I missed some connotation. ^^'
@Damatris: Honestly, I think you did just fine concerning the whole duty bound situation. It's just that there's a fine line between being considered a slave and becoming what I'd like to call a labor worker per say, who isn't bound by servitude back in those days. I really do wish all the best for you though, and that Nidi doesn't get hurt too much mentally along the way as the story progresses.
@tksocrazy: That's very true! Slavery versus labor worker was very thin line. Biggest difference here would be that Thjalfi (or his labor) can't be sold since he's a free man and he did volunteer for the position he's currently.