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Date Posted: April 27th, 2017, 3:03 pm

Author Notes

If Hildr likes a plan, it's probably a bad one.


I'm enjoying this comic but I sure hate Hildr. She has a nasty mean personality. I'm not sure I understand why restitution should be made when they kidnapped and then tried to kill his little brother. It is to avoid war even though they started it?
@jukebox: Hildr definitely isn't a good person. :D Aah, it's a viking culture thing that will get explained bit later. But basically, they had a set of laws that made it kinda lawful/accepted to kill someone for a good reason as long as the deed was promptly reported (I think it had to be done by the 3rd house you pass). Then it might not be counted as a murder and could be settled by a appropriate compensation, usually a sum of money. Very strange set of laws when viewed from a modern perspective. :'D