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Date Posted: February 2nd, 2017, 4:09 pm

Author Notes

At least he went out with style?

Pages 4 - 6 are out on Webtoons: http://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/fallacy/list?title_no=57272


I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN! When I saw this chapter's title I knew things would go really badly. I am not sad for his death because he was an ultimate dickhead, but I fear for the inevitable consequences D:

Great job as usual though, I really like your comic, and this page is waw *o*
(But I'm just a little sad that the prologue disappeared from the remake because I thought it was kinda cool. I can still read it on sj though so I am not complaining >w<")
@Nyun-ya: Thank you! <3 Yeah, killing someone and a lord is sure to cause trouble, even if the target was a dickhead. :') They are going to have fun times ahead.

I ended up removing the prologue from the new version because it doesn't really fit the story anymore. I do actually like it too but Fallacy has had such a fantasy-downgrade since the idea I had in the very beginning that the prologue feels a bit wrong, style-wise. But I'm going to keep it here with all the other old pages. :D
a) That's what happen to you when you cannot let go of something,
b) I think Nidi has just started a war.

@Alse: These characters do seem pretty bent on starting one... :'D