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Date Posted: January 26th, 2017, 3:28 pm

Author Notes

Hey guys! First 3 pages of newly done (now with 30% more Thjalfi) content are up on LINE WEBTOON http://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/fallacy/list?title_no=57272 Maybe sub & rate?

That will sadly be the only place I'll be updating with new version since I wouldn't be able to put pages up for very long until I had to wait for like 50 more before continuing 'cause I moved a whole scene. :''D But I'll be linking every update here too if you wanna keep up but don't have a webtoon account.


@Damatris: Hello, I am sorry for bothering you but I am not sure if I understand. Will you still be uploading new pages here on Smackjeeves? Is your comic at Webtoon, somehow, 'redrawed'?

Thank you in advance for explanation and sorry for me being such a dummy! (I really won't blame this on my English cuz it's not SO bad. Haha.)
@Alse: Don't worry about it, you could never bother me! I actually realized that I might not have talked about this before here so no wonder if you're confused. I'm sorry about that!

I'll still keep posting new pages here, no worries! Fallacy isn't going on a reboot hiatus.

What's going on is that I've started to remake the old pages as I'm planning on printing the first volume this summer and tbh the beginning isn't up to my standards. While I was thinking about whether to redraw pages, I also decided to tighten up the writing while I'm at it.

There won't be any big plot relevant changes so it's not necessary to read the webtoon version. But there will be some new scenes / additions to previous ones and better pacing. Alongside a better art when compared to old pages.
@Damatris: Okay, Thanks! :) I am glad I didn't miss something. I'll follow your comic here, of course, and maybe I take a look at the new version as well.

Are you going to print it only for yourself or will you offer some copies for sale? :)
@Alse: I'm printing it for sale. :) I don't yet know how many copies I'll get and I also don't know yet what way I'll offer them for online sale. But I do want to be able to sell them online too, not only at conventions.

There will definitely be more info about it once I figure out the logistics and printing date. :3
@Damatris: Thank you very much. I am really looking forward to it!
@Alse: Nah, thank YOU! I'm glad you're interested!
Well if he gets shot, it's all his fault for chasing after Nidi anyway...
@Aiyse: You could say it would be the... cost of his foolishness. :'D