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Date Posted: January 19th, 2017, 2:39 pm

Author Notes

Slightly early update 'cause I want to sleep.

Today's unnecessary detail: Nyi's horse is a blue roan and I think he might have just won the owner of the prettiest horse contest.

Also, if you've commented and I haven't responded, it's because I seem to have trouble seeing (guest?)comments. I got the notification but nothing shows up. :/ Maybe it's a bug and will clear up?


I'm glad he managed to meet them. I was worried what can happen if he gets caught above the water or something like that. I hope his situation is less desperate now.

PS. I am a follower of your comic for some time, I've written some comments earlier, but now I have a new account (I lost the previous one, lol :D ) .
@Alse: Sorry to hear about your account. :( But welcome back!

Nidi's chances seem to have gone up now at least. :D