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Date Posted: November 10th, 2016, 1:46 pm

Author Notes

Some info about shapeshifting because you probably were expecting more birdies: (which will also get explained in comic too, just not right now)

Things you can do with shapeshifting are turning yourself or someone else into a living thing (vast majority of time this means animals), changing biological sex and, while illegal, it's also possible to change characteristics to resemble other people. Shapeshifting is based on changing energy flows and weaving them into a new form. It's impossible to change form permanently because energies will snap back to original shape eventually. Unless someone gets stuck in between shapes which is very very bad news. In theory anyone could become a shifter but it's a really hard thing to learn and not everyone has aptitude for it. Kinda like advanced abstract mathematics or something, except that screwing up could kill you. Plus, getting a teacher is super hard unless you're a noble or filthy rich.

Easiest transformation is changing sex if you're trans or non binary as you still stay completely as yourself and your physical body will still mirror your self image. Second is animal form for yourself which is also something that is traditionally valued the most and achieving the first (and for most, the only) hamingja aka shapeshifted form is also widely celebrated. After that comes changing someone else into a plant as those are simpler than animals. Well, you could change yourself into a plant too but that would be plain stupid thing to do as it would be impossible to change back at will. Then comes changing others into animals. The hardest thing to do is actually changing the small stuff aka making yourself look different and/or impersonate someone else as the energy manipulation gets down to really delicate scale. Basically, it's much, much more probable to end up either with permanent deformities or simply nothing happening even if you're a skilled master. Not to mention that no certified (and law abiding) teacher will help with it and it's banned practice thanks to being unethical.

...This ended up being longer summary than I had planned. :'D I just have a lot of thoughts and notes about the subject.


@Sheena: Hahaa, dryad Thjalfi would be kinda cool! Thankfully Nidi is good at shapeshifting and for knowing what he's doing... Well he definitely thinks so. xD

Thank you so much! I'm super glad to hear you're enjoying the story!