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Date Posted: May 6th, 2016, 5:59 pm

Author Notes

Hello from the other side / I must have died a thousand times~ ....Yeah, that's enough of mangling a song. But seriously, it sums up my feelings right now. :'D

Sorry this is a bit late. I didn't have time to finish the page on Sunday before leaving for the whole week to participate on the exhibition. Which is up, running and critiqued now! Too bad there's still thesis to be finished.

Btw, my thumbnail for this page has a little scribble on them saying: "He's beauty, he's grace, he'll fall on his face". Not everyone can be very athletic...


*LOL* yeah that was a less than graceful entrance into the room. Good thing no one was there to see him!
@Aiyse: Indeed! And Nidi had even thrown a rug to soften the landing. XD