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Date Posted: March 31st, 2016, 4:11 pm

Author Notes

Heh, second panel was really fun to draw. :D

NOTICE: I have to switch my update schedule temporarily to every other week. Next week will still be normal but the new schedule will start after that and probably go on until mid-May / beginning of June.

Some of you know that I'll be graduating this spring and the deadlines are getting closer and closer. I'm a fine art student which means that atop of writing a thesis I'm also making an exhibition piece. Which in my case consists of 5 etchings and the opening of the exhibition is 4th of May.

I just have to drop something so I won't completely drown in stress and panic (I'm 3/4th there already :'D ) but I also really don't want to put the comic on hiatus. So slower updates it will be for about a month and a half.

Sorry about that!


I hope all goes well for you! And congrats on the graduation! But yeah, I understand. It's good to have breaks.

The page is well done! I love the atmosphere it has here. Your comic is amazing as well. Keep it up!
@AuroraArt: Thank you so much! It makes me really happy to hear you're enjoying the comic. :D And thanks for cheering me on about the looming graduation.