Page 86

Date Posted: December 24th, 2015, 4:05 pm

Author Notes

You know Nidi, there's a word that starts with S and ends with Y that you're supposed to use in situations like this... Abd that's also a wrap for flashback for now! Next page we will return to main story line.

Happy holidays everyone! I hope you'll have lovely time no matter how you decide to celebrate or not to celebrate.

Also, There WON'T be a page next week thanks to being really busy so next page will be up 8th of January.


I came across your comic and I need to go back to the start, but I had to laugh. Though I'm sure the stories are different. (Obvious reason to go back to the start!) But my main character is a dark haired Prince and a Blonde haired common guy.. Hehe.. We have good taste. That aside. I'm looking forward to reading your comic. I like the drawing style. :)