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Date Posted: April 17th, 2015, 4:56 pm

Author Notes

Whoo, I got this done almost in time! And guess what? There's only one more page to go and this chapter is done. :o

I'm still deciding whether or not I'm gonna take a one week break after next week. I don't want to but it probably would be wise. Buuut... I'll tell you come next week. :)


@Flora Wolf: Yup, that's her husband. D:< A-hole describes him quite well.

I'm actually not sure if it has been said that they are married either... It has been mentioned that they are Astrid's parents but I can't recall if it has been said they are married. Might be that first mention is gonna be on the next page?

And yes, Asta is gonna take none of that shit from him.
She blocked that like a BOSS. I appreciate some girl(woman?) power on my comics, its so often NOT the case xD

Saw your promo on the forums, and I'm glad i clicked. Great comic thus far. Keep it up!
@AngelicaAgelviz: Thank you so much! <3

Yeah, I've noticed the same thing about lack of girl power in comics in general. It's getting slowly better but it still feels like such a treat to me when I found some. :D

That's also why I definitely wanted to include lots of different women who can get stuff done and still be different from each other in mine. Be the change you wanna see and all... Or that's the plan at least. I'm super glad that it's coming across too. :D
I knew they were shadey these people First I want to say that a good story teller is everything to a storyline and you are a great story teller . Now back on topic are these two married and is she the leader of there people and can her people also turn into animal's .
@raziesgirl : Thank you! *blushes*

Yeah, these two are married. I'm not sure if it has been actually said yet but it's stated in the next page. Asta does hold a bit more say in the things as Gler is the one who married in the power. :D

And shapeshifting is completely learned skill and not connected to a race or something like that at all. :) It's hard to master and in general only nobility or otherwise wealthy folk have the means to study it. Of course there are other people who attempt it too but most of those end up badly without capable mentor as it's dangerous thing to mess with. Therefore it's also a sign of wealth and most noble families require their members to study it. Not that everyone is successful or even interested in it. But that's the reason why shapeshifting is... well, not rare exactly but less common than you might think for such a cool and learnable skill.

*gets super happy when people ask questions and then ends up rambling for ages*