Page 54

Date Posted: April 3rd, 2015, 3:18 am

Author Notes

I've wanted to draw this page ever since I started this comic. :D I hope you too had fun seeing some shapeshifting.

And happy Easter everyone!


I like his bird form So I'm thinking that the prince is about to do something that will cause his brother to loose his kingdom . He's got to know that this particular sword has to mean more than their making it seem .I get why she didn't want him to speak with his servant/lover he would have definitely told the prince not to risk it .I have a bad feeling that this will spell disaster for his brother and their kingdom and make the prince a wanted criminal .
@raziesgirl: Oh wow! Reading your theory definitely made my whole week. Thank you so much! I'm super delighted that you are actually on the right track. kinda. :D You must have been paying a lot of attention while reading.
@Flora Wolf: Thank you! <3