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Date Posted: March 13th, 2015, 4:13 pm

Author Notes

Whoa... Shading with a mouse is annoying! >__> about 2/3s of this page is shaded with it, lol. My tablet is starting to die... It keeps constantly freezing which makes working really hard. Which also means that I need to buy new one very soon before this one breaks completely.

And therefore, COMMISSIONS! I'll open commissions in about a week after I decide on prices etc. But if you already know you want something, feel free to drop a message and we can make a deal. Payments will be through Paypal. Traditional and digital works will both be available.

I'll link actual commission sheet next week once I get it done. :)


@Flora Wolf: Thank you!

I bought a new one already but now I don't know how I'll eat. xDD Eh, art nourishes the soul right...?