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Date Posted: April 4th, 2014, 6:36 am

Author Notes


Hilder is a dumb bitch seriously..she needs a good round house much to the head. Add falling for the damsel in distress? She stood in front of his horse. She's the stupid one for rising her life in a hunch he'd stop. And the fact be did offer to help, shoes compassion not stupidity.. So I think the tally stands. Stupidty- Nidi 0 - Hilder-1.
@Poppy: Hildr has a bit wonky world view xD
Sorry if I'm commenting too much..lol. I'm enjoying the story. :)
@Poppy: There can never be such a thing as too many comments. I love reading through them and it makes me downright giddy when someone leaves a bunch. :D