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Date Posted: November 17th, 2013, 9:18 am

Author Notes

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Hello! This is not a reboot or anything, I'm just starting to redraw old pages to fit the current style. There won't be any changes to the plot, only visuals and better pacing for some scenes. :P I'm doing this mostly in preparation for printing (hopefully in a year or so) and to give myself a peace of mind.

This prologue I was able to just color over thanks to its different style from the start but rest of the pages will need complete overhaul. There won't be really any schedule for redrawn pages as I'm doing them when I've got time. But if this is your first time reading through, don't be alarmed about style changes.


Why are the pages SOOO TINY?!?!?!?!? I can't read them at all!!!!!
@Scarlet Spider: Oh no! I'm really sorry about that. Are you on phone? Older pages are 800px wide, although I've later changed to 850px.
@Damatris: No, I'm using the Internet search on my PS3, but the pages are Too small to read!!!!!!
@Scarlet Spider: Hmmm. It might have something to do with my theme since it seems to compress the pages to a smaller size then other sites I mirror this when I'm on mobile. Maybe it's the same on PS3, since with PC there's no problem. I'll definitely look in to it!
@Damatris: I would be very grateful if you did.... Please & Thank Kyuu~ @Damatris - dono!! <=^W^=>
@Scarlet Spider: I tried something with the theme but I don't know if it helped you? If not, I'll continue fiddling with it!
@Damatris: It got a wee bit bigger... Keep going, Please~