The author:

Iida Reitti aka Damatris is a Finnish art student who has always loved comics and mythology. She has been drawing comics, that usually haven't seen the sunlight outside of drawer, for quite a long time. When she's not drawing or doing something else creative, she's most likely reading, watching tv/movies or spending time with friends.

She can be found also on
e-mail: iida.reitti@gmail.com

The comic:

Fallacy has been in process for a long time. Earliest drafts were made somewhere around 2010 until "kill your darlings" happened and the whole concept was re-examined and basically recreated leaving only some characters and plot points behind. Fallacy is planned to be published also in Finnish under the name of Harha.

The story is situated in a fictional country that's heavily influenced by the old viking culture and Scandinavian mythology. Depending on your knowledge, it should be possible to find parallels to the tales.

Big thank you for Riina for being my betareader.